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eMBA 2014 Field Report: Exploring A New Landscape with Greece’s Daily Secret

Each summer Endeavor sends a number of incoming and second-year MBA students, recruited from top schools, to work on-site with Endeavor Entrepreneurs on projects ranging from strategic planning to market expansion. The program is supported by a generous grant from Barclays. Following is a post from Chafic Mourad, a member of Harvard Business School’s MBA Class of 2015, who spent the summer working with Endeavor Entrepreneurs at Greece’s Daily Secret

eMBA_webWorking as a strategy consultant before joining Business school, I wanted to undergo a different experience during my summer internship. I was searching for a business role in a start-up where I can learn from the daily challenges entrepreneurs face. I also wanted the start-up to be small enough so I can effectively contribute to the growth of the company.

Daily Secret is a subscription newsletter service delivering curated secrets and gems in cities around the globe to its subscribers. The secrets cover food, art, travel, entertainment and fashion industries. I was interested in joining Daily Secret for two main reasons: First, it’s a small firm with an international span and huge growth potential. Second, I found the company’s product very appealing given that I have always enjoyed discovering and shortlisting restaurants, bars and venues whether in my hometown Beirut or in other international cities.

The company has two offices, one in New York and the other in Athens. It was undergoing important changes in its organizational structure.  Most members in the US office, which I joined, were new to the company and the new CEO had taken the lead few weeks before my arrival. The energy level was high and there was a definite momentum to reach the new short and long term goals set by the CEO.

I was mainly involved in business development. During the internship, I developed a plan to define the different products which can be offered to partners or ad buyers, structure the selection process of these partners and generate a target list of potential clients. Witnessing the closing of some deals with partners suggested in the plan was the most rewarding part of the internship. I was also able to contribute on the product front as Daily Secret was expanding into new markets.

Looking back, my internship at Daily Secret was definitely a great learning experience. I was fully responsible of my deliverables, set my own milestones and led the work and development of the plan with limited resources and in a very dynamic environment. I had the opportunity to learn from the other members of the team, most of them having previously worked in other start-ups. Helping them in their daily tasks was truly beneficial. Going forward, I will be returning to campus in less than a month, bringing back my entrepreneurial experience to share with my classmates and build on during the next recruiting cycle.


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