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Endeavor Entrepreneur Daniel Daccarett receives crime prevention award

On September 28, Chile’s government awarded Endeavor Entrepreneur Daniel Daccarett a major honor. As CEO of Producto Protegido, Daniel received the “Public-Private Partnership: Committed to Safety 2011” award for the company’s work in theft protection. The award is given annually by Chile’s Secretary of Crime Prevention to businesses that have “made notable efforts in matters of security and have become an integral component for a more efficient public safety, for the benefit of our entire community.”

Producto Protegido provides product protection services by laser printing a unique code on the property, and then storing the code in the National Register of Protected Product Goods. Besides deterring criminals from stealing the marked item in the first place, the code also contains information such as brand, manufacturer, photographs of the product, and owner contact information. If a marked good is stolen, the registered code facilitates the recovery of the stolen product. Producto Protegido’s online database works directly with authorities to minimize the market for stolen goods and to maximize the possibility of returning stolen goods to owners.

After building a website where everyone can register their marked products, Producto Protegido saw people’s great interest in marking their property and built special products for people’s most valuable goods. Producto Protegido now offers a Home Development Kit that allows people to mark goods inside of their home, an Electronic Development Kit for portable electronics, and an Auto Kit for vehicles and bikes. All these products have assisted the government’s goal of reducing criminal activity and the resale of stolen goods, and have made Producto Protegido well deserving of this major recognition.


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