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Colombian Entrepreneur Alex Torrenegra Highlights Endeavor and Bogotá’s Tech Sector in The Wall Street Journal

wall-street-journal-logo1Bunny Inc. co-founder and Endeavor Entrepreneur Alex Torrenegra recently authored an article for The Wall Street Journal’s Accelerators, a blog that features expert advice from successful entrepreneurs on business strategy and development. In his piece, Alex spotlights the emerging tech sector in Bogotá and offers takeaways from his experiences as one of the country’s top serial entrepreneurs.

In the post, Alex discusses the desire of many startups in emerging markets to imitate the Silicon Valley model, focusing too much on raising capital and making big exits. That desire, however, doesn’t translate to ecosystems like Bogotá that are still trying to navigate regional challenges. Alex points to research from Endeavor on the city’s tech sector that shows that, while there are hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors and tech VCs in the region, there lacks an active ecosystem of companies that are making acquisitions. Emerging market entrepreneurs are often told to think too global to quickly, focusing more on gaining investors than improving their actual offerings and customer base. The key, he argues, is to stop trying to copy Silicon Valley’s established model that only works in a leading ecosystem like the U.S., and instead focus on crafting programs and policies that are tailored to the local market.

Since joining the Endeavor network in 2013 at the 50th ISP in Palo Alto, Alex and his Bunny Inc. co-founder Tania Zapata have demonstrated their potential for high-impact growth, accelerating the expansion of their voice casting software offering with the guidance of Endeavor’s expert network of mentors and advisors. The entrepreneurs have also been active in a number of Endeavor events, including the 2013 Entrepreneur Summit and networking tours.

Read the full article in The Wall Street Journal by clicking here.


Alex and Tania at the 50th ISP in Palo Alto


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