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CNN’s Marketplace Middle East on Endeavor, selection panel in Dubai

Endeavor’s recent International Selection Panel (ISP) in Dubai was featured on CNN’s Marketplace Middle East program.

Following the ISP process, the report focuses on how panelists, comprised of top-tier business leaders, engage potential Endeavor companies through the rigorous selection process. With their years of experience, these panelists provide feedback and, often, constructive criticism of these companies, letting them know how they can improve their businesses and presentations. While not all feedback is positive, all of the potential selectees leave the ISP with new ideas about how to improve their companies, even the ones who don’t make the final cut.

CNN highlights the rationale for why Endeavor holds a high standard for chosen companies, only selecting those high-impact entrepreneurs which show potential for substantial growth, impressive job creation, and the potential to inspire others in their region. This is especially important in the Middle East, where unemployment has reached an all-time high and youth unemployment has reached nearly 25%. Endeavor’s model of helping among high impact companies reach their potential is cited for its potential to help alleviate this problem.


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