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Chile’s major bank creates $42 million credit fund for SMEs

In a landmark initiative to stimulate entrepreneurship and increase financial support for SMEs, the Bank of Chile signed a strategic alliance with Endeavor. Learn more about the program here.

Endeavor Chairman Salvador Said (left) with Arturo Tagle, CEO of Banco Chile (right)

Under the agreement, the bank’s SME division earmarked a US$42 million credit fund to alleviate the financial needs of select high-growth entrepreneurs (including Endeavor Entrepreneurs) who will be screened by Endeavor as part of the alliance.

The president of the Bank of Chile’s SME division, Rodrigo Tonda, remarked, “considering that SMEs account for almost 80% of the country’s welfare and are driving the national company, the Bank of Chile viewed this partnership as a vital tool to promote the development and scale of Chilean SMEs.”

Alan Farcas, Managing Director of Endeavor Chile, contributed that “the initiative is revolutionary and unprecedented as it opens up a significant amount of resources to SMEs who have always wanted to take the next step but traditionally had limited finance options.”

The program is in many ways similar to Endeavor Turkey’s partnership with Akbank, announced last May.

L to R: Mauricio Baeza (Head of Business and Market Risk Division), Arturo Tagle, Alan Farcas (Managing Director, Endeavor Chile)

L to R: Pedro Assael (Manager of Marketing and Personal Markets), Rodrigo Tonda (Manager of SME Banking), Salvador Said, Alejandro Herrera (Commercial Bank Manager)


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