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Chilean Entrepreneur Julie McPherson on a new initiative

Guest Post by Endeavor Entrepreneur Julie McPherson:

The first Pathways to Prosperity Summit had a profound effect on the Endeavor Entrepreneurs from Chile. As participants, we each have our own successes and insights to share, but grew much closer as a group within Pathways. I suppose that has to do with the strength of the Endeavor network effect!

The most important question, or challenge rather, proposed by Pathways at the end of the summit was, “What will you do locally now, given all that you have learned here in DC? How will you keep the momentum going?”

Upon returning to Chile, the five of us formed an initiative that we call Impakta. The objective is to achieve locally the goals and structure of the Pathways to Prosperity program initiated by Secretary of State Clinton, but with certain differences that are relevant to our market realities. Impakta looks to satisfy real support needed at professional levels for women entrepreneurs in a critical moment in their business cycle. This is our collective initiative. It is how we are giving back to Pathways and helping to foster other non-Endeavor local women so that they may have access to a professional network of help from mentors here.

Impakta will be holding a strategic planning session this November. We hope to get all of the important stakeholders — leaders in the academic field on female entrepreneurialism, possible mentors and mentees, and Endeavor team members — to join us in this exciting initiative.

Saludos from Chile!

Julie McPherson is an Endeavor Entrepreneur. Her company, Tiaxa, was selected in 2008 as part of the 25th Global International Selection Panel. Tiaxa is a full service provider for the telecom industry, serving Latin America’s wireless, broadband and digital content markets with pricing, rating, mediation, revenue assurance, data retention and SLA management functions, specializing in on-demand and prepaid data services.


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