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Endeavor Jordan Hosts Second Annual “Catalyzing Conversations” Event with Top Members of the Global Network

jordanEndeavor Jordan hosted the second annual ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ event in collaboration with the 59th Endeavor International Selection Panel in Amman. ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ is a multi-tiered event featuring a series of interactive and motivational discussions with business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors from Endeavor’s regional and global network.

The day-long event featured panel discussions conducted by entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts from across the U.S., Europe and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Notable topics and speakers included:

– ‘Getting the Most from the Creative Economy’ hosted by Endeavor Global Chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr., Endeavor Jordan Chairman Ali Al-Husry and Endeavor Greece Vice Chairman Mareva Grabowski;

– ‘Mind the Talent Gap’ hosted by Endeavor mentor Sal Giambanco of Omidyar Network;

– ‘Why Culture Matters’ with Endeavor Jordan Entrepreneur Amjad Aryan;

– ‘Multiplying Impact: From Entrepreneur to Investor’ with Endeavor Global Board Member Fadi Ghandour, Endeavor Lebanon Entrepreneur Herve Cuviliez, and Endeavor Global Board Member Michael Ahearn.

“At Endeavor Jordan, we are committed to supporting and advancing high-impact entrepreneurship across Jordan. As such, we continuously strive to organize value-added events that provide our ecosystem with the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences with some of the world’s most prominent industry innovators and game-changers, and we believe that insightful events such as ‘Catalyzing Conversations’ are a great way to do so,” said Rasha Manna, Managing Director of Endeavor Jordan. “I would also like to express our gratitude towards Bank al Etihad, Capital Bank, KAFD, Umniah and USAID-JCP for their invaluable support, which has been instrumental to the event’s success.”

The event was supported by Bank al Etihad, Capital Bank, King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD), Umniah and USAID’s Jordan Competitiveness Program (JCP).

Learn more about the event by clicking here, read press coverage by clicking here and see more event photos here.


Endeavor Argentina’s 2015 Experiencia Brings Together 2,000+ Participants to Celebrate High-Impact Entrepreneurship

endvr_argentinaEndeavor Argentina hosted its 2015 Endeavor Experiencia this June. The event, which took place in Buenos Aires, was designed to promote networking between entrepreneurs and potential investors as well as celebrate the work of Endeavor in the region. It brought together over 2,000 participants from eight provinces with the goal of inspiring and encouraging Argentina’s entrepreneurship movement.

Throughout the day-long event, participants attended a series of workshops, lectures, and roundtable discussions led by Endeavor Entrepreneurs, business leaders and top members of the regional network. More than 2,000 external participants also connected to the event through digital streaming. In total, more than 200 reported connections were made between entrepreneurs and potential investors in attendance.

Notable Endeavor Entrepreneurs who spoke include Marcos Galperin (Co-Founder of MercadoLibre), Guibert Englebienne and Martin Migoya (Co-Founders of Globant), Sally Buberman (Co-Founder of Wormhole IT), and Luciano Nicora (Founder of VN BPO).

The event garnered significant press and social media attention. It was featured in six national newspapers and garnered more than 2,500 tweets. According to an exit survey, 96% of the attendees would go to another event and 98% considered it an extremely positive experience.

Watch the recap video below and learn more about the event by clicking here.

Endeavor Investor Network Convenes Leading Investors and Network Members in Amman

Investor network LogoAlong with the 59th International Selection Panel in Amman, the Endeavor Investor Network hosted a roundtable discussion  focused on the topic of early- and growth-stage equity investing in the MENA region. Participants consisted of 25 leading investors from the region and abroad, including representatives from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, the UAE, and the U.S.

The two-hour discussion was followed by a casual cooking session which celebrated local culture and cuisine and provided participants with an informal opportunity to network. In attendance were some recognized regional entrepreneurs and business leaders such as Fares Ghandour of MENA Venture Investments, Yousef Hamidaddin of Oasis500, and Khaldoon Tabaza of iMena. International attendees also represented a range of top investment firms,  including Perry Blacher of Amadeus Capital, Basem Salfiti of Hummingbird Ventures, Chris Caulkin from General Atlantic Partners, and Numan Numan of 212 Ventures in Turkey.

Allen Taylor, Director of Endeavor Catalyst, said, “This marks our first formal event held by the Endeavor Investor Network in Amman, Jordan. We believe this region is starting to see some of the same positive momentum and growth in the early-stage financing community that we identified when we held our first Endeavor Investor Network event in Brazil in 2011 and in Turkey in 2013. Coinciding with our first Endeavor Catalyst investment in the region, we see this gathering as a very positive sign of things to come.”

The upcoming gatherings will take place August 4th in San Francisco and November 17th in London.

About the Endeavor Investor Network
The Endeavor Investor Network works with more than 100+ global investment funds – primarily based in Silicon Valley, New York, and London – to connect the best venture capital and growth equity funds with entrepreneurs and local co-investors around the world. Since its formal launch in 2011, the program has helped 80+ Endeavor portfolio companies raise more than $500M in equity capital, and worked with more than 50+ local funds in Latin America, Turkey, and SE Asia.


Participants in the investor event during the cooking workshop

20 Entrepreneurs from 15 Companies Selected into the Endeavor Network at 59th International Selection Panel in Amman


Amman, Jordan – June 12, 2015 – Twenty high-impact entrepreneurs representing 15 companies and 10 countries were welcomed into the Endeavor network after the 59th Endeavor International Selection Panel (ISP).

Endeavor now supports 1,102 High-Impact Entrepreneurs from 694 companies across the 23 markets where it operates. This newest group of entrepreneurs was chosen at a panel held from June 9-11 in Amman, Jordan.

The conclusion of an intensive multi-step selection process that is the foundation of Endeavor’s model, the ISP brought together top business and industry leaders from the Middle East and all around the world. These panelists spent a day interviewing entrepreneur candidates to learn more about their businesses and identify those with the most potential for high-impact growth. They then deliberated on whether or not the candidates should become part of the Endeavor network and help lead the entrepreneurship movement in their countries.

“It was great to see so many top members of the Endeavor network come together in Amman, not only for the ISP but also for the Catalyzing Conversations investor event,” said Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg. “I am proud of the team of Endeavor Jordan for leading the country’s high-impact entrepreneurship movement over the past six years.”

After their selection into the network, Endeavor Entrepreneurs are given access to world-class services and programs, including introductions to local and international mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms who will help them address key business needs. Since 1997, Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created hundreds of thousands of jobs and built sustainable and transformative growth models in their home countries. In turn, they become crucial role models for future generations of entrepreneurs.

Endeavor will be hosting three more International Selection Panels in 2015. Locations will be in San Francisco Bay Area, CA; Marrakech, Morocco; and Mexico City, Mexico

Brief descriptions of the newly selected entrepreneurs and their companies follow.


Panelists interviewing entrepreneur candidates


Entrepreneurs: Mai Medhat & Nihal Fares
Company: Eventtus
Eventtus provides event organizers with all-in-one platform to consolidate efforts for event planning, marketing, and ticket sales, while engaging attendees before, during, and after events. Through the Eventtus-branded mobile app, organizers sell tickets and provide a tool for attendees to plan their agenda, network with other participants, and collaborate through interactive forums, surveys, and polls. Eventtus collects data about user engagements and responses, which organizers leverage to measure ROI and improve future events. Eventtus has helped 700 organizers host 6,000 events, including Step Conference Dubai, RiseUp Summit Egypt, Startup Weekend in 5 cities, TEDx events, and conferences for Vodafone, Nokia, and Mercycorps.


Entrepreneur: Odi Anindito
Company: Coffee Toffee
Indonesia annually produces more than 720 million kilograms of coffee, making it the world’s third largest producer. Yet, Indonesia does not even crack the top 60 in terms of coffee consumption per capita according to a 2014 Euromonitor report. That will soon change; with domestic consumption expected to reach 400,000 tons in 2016, a 33% increase from 2014. To sate their caffeine need, Indonesians head to Coffee Toffee, Indonesia’s largest domestic coffee company.


Entrepreneurs: Mohammad Al-Shaker & Yousef Wadi
Company: ArabiaWeather Inc.
ArabiaWeather Inc. is the MENA region’s first devoted Arabic weather multiplatform (web, video, social media). ArabiaWeather collects raw data from regional satellites to generate hyper-local, real-time weather forecasts based on proprietary algorithms, distributed through its B2C and B2B channels. The B2C channel features 5-day hourly to 14 day extended weather forecasts in Arabic for 5000+ locations in 22 countries with revenue driven by platform advertising. In 2014, ArabiaWeather.com had 20 million unique visitors (15% of internet users in the region.) The B2B offerings involve customized weather services and solutions—such as advanced early weather warning systems for airlines– that help businesses (i.e. media, aviation, agriculture, construction, and oil and gas sectors) save time and money and protect property.

Entrepreneur: Penelope Shihab
Company: MonoJO
Description: : MonoJO is a biotechnology company that researches the benefits of the Middle East’s untapped resources—ultimately creating products for a variety of industries, ranging from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals. Founder and CEO Penelope Shibab has led the company to commercialize its first line of products, Skinue, an anti-acne product line made with camel’s milk that is based off of ten years of R&D. By 2017, the company plans to launch a Gastritis cure using camel milk and a biosensor used to measure diabetes. MonoJO has crucially secured a mutual collaboration agreement with the University of Cambridge and is backed by Dr.Samih Darwazah, the founder of MENA’s largest pharmaceutical company.

Entrepreneur: Ibrahim Safadi
Company:Luminus Education
Description: Luminus Education is an umbrella educational company that has six different brick-and-mortar subsidiaries in Jordan, Iraq, UAE and the UK aimed at fostering better vocational, technical and soft skills amongst the Arab youth. Luminus has successfully graduated more than 30,000 students from across 23 countries and employs more than 560 professionals from around the world. Driven by the critical and growing issue of MENA unemployment, Luminus is looking to further expand its operations across the region with the aim of becoming the Middle East’s leading vocational and technical education institution for employment.


Entrepreneur: Antoine Saab
Company: Energy24
Energy24, with its energy storage solutions (ESS), is charging Lebanon with ESS-ault and battery. Lebanon’s booming population growth overburdens its aging power grid, which is unable to match growing demand. The government’s provision of 1,900 megawatts annually matches only 60% of the country’s electricity needs, resulting in power outages of two to 12 hours daily. Energy24 augments the shortcomings of Lebanon’s formal electricity provider by offering energy storage solutions that stock energy while the power is on, and release it to for consumption during power outages. Energy24’s batteries provide savings of 60% on energy bills, and access to uninterrupted power for up to 72 hours.

Entrepreneurs: Rima Koteich El Husseini & Rana Koteich Najjar
Company: Blessing
Blessing is a chocolate, sweets, and gifts company based in Beirut, Lebanon. The company offers ready-made and customized products for special occasions, including weddings, christenings, corporate events, and holidays. The company has six branches, partnership agreements, and franchise stores across Lebanon, Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and United Arab Emirates (UAE). In the next five years, the entrepreneurs plan to aggressively expand in the region by opening a flagship store in downtown Beirut, new partnership and franchise stores in KSA, UAE, Morocco, Kuwait, and Oman, and an online store. The sisters are working closely with Francorp, a franchise consulting company, to manage and finalize all franchise processes.


Panelists in a deliberation moderated by Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg


Entrepreneur: Manuel Wiechers Banuet
Company: Ilumexico
Ilumexico is a Mexican social enterprise that provides energy access via solar to rural populations. In Latin America, there are over 30 million people without electricity. In Mexico, there are three million – 600,000 households that you candles and fire for light. Ilumexico provides solar energy household systems through four steps in the value chain: 1) Technology – solar transfer products, electronic circuits, 2) Distribution – distribution network through rural branches and local technicians, 3) Financing – provide users with different financing plans according to their needs (the majority cannot buy the equipment upfront), 4) Community Programs – develop community programs specifically targeting organizations that would use the product, financial education, environmental awareness.


Entrepreneurs: Juha & Johanna Mikkola
Company: Wyncode Academy
Wyncode Academy, Florida’s first independent coding boot camp, aims to address the need in state’s growing tech ecosystem for developer talent. The Academy’s course offerings center on a full-time, nine-week web development course that prepares students to step into junior full stack web development jobs upon graduation. The dynamic curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of Wyncode’s 100+ local hiring partners who include South Florida’s top recruiter of developers (CareCloud) and Endeavor entrepreneurs and candidates. Wyncode has graduated 68 students from its Miami location since the inaugural cohort in May 2014. Wycnode’s second location in Ft. Lauderdale launched with its first cohort in April 2015. Success is defined by job matches: 92% of graduates are employed within three months, 86% in the Miami-FTL-West Palm Beach MSA.


Entrepreneur: Kamal Reggad
Company: Menaclick
Menaclick is an ecommerce holding company composed of three award-winning sites: Hmizate.ma, Hmall.ma, and Vayago.com. Hmizate.ma is a portal for daily deals with an emphasis on travel but with vouchers for anything from live events to consumer tech. Hmall.ma is an online B2C marketplace with a mission to connect thousands of vendors with million of consumers. Vayago.com is a global hotel booking engine through which consumers can compare prices and make reservations at hotels around the world. Vayago is the first and so far only website in Morocco to facilitate foreign transactions online using locally-issued cred cards, making it the best option for Moroccans to make international travel plans.


Entrepreneur: Gys Kappers
Company: Wyzetalk
When companies employ hundreds, even thousands of workers, getting everyone on the page can be difficult task. Establishing clear channels for communication and collaboration from the C-level executives to entry-level workers is a Herculean task. Wyzetalk breaks down these silos, through its mobile-based business communication platform that allows enterprises to drive effective collaboration and innovation. Users can broadcast announcements, deploy surveys, upload files, among other tools. CNN listed Wyzetalk as one of the top 10 African Startups that rocked 2014 and Gys intends to keep up the momentum to become the premier collaboration platform in Africa.


Entrepreneur: Ahmet Bilgin & Koray Bahar
Company: Fit Solutions
FIT Solutions is taking paper out of the picture. A wave of digitization has engulfed the world of B2C transactions: from Amazon to the Apple Store, buying online is now the status quo. Meanwhile, the B2B world remains stuck inside a time capsule, with businesses still conducting transactions through sales reps, paper invoices, and fax machines. Regardless of the fact that the B2B ecommerce market is widely predicted to be at least 10 times greater than the B2C ecommerce market (up to US$1.5 trillion globally, by some predictions), few companies have dared to tackle the challenge of digitizing business-to-business dealings – until now. FIT Solutions moves invoice and ledger procedures from paper to digital, allowing companies to transition their B2B transactions online.

Entrepreneur: Güçlü Gökozan
Company: BuldumBuldum.com
Turkish for Eureka Eureka!, Buldum Buldum describes a consumer’s feeling upon discovering the abundant means to create unique merchandise on BuldumBuldum.com. Through the ecommerce site through, individuals and small business owners can design and procure affordable, customized gifts and professional marketing materials with no minimum requirement. The newly launched BuldumBuldum.com marketplace is a forum for artists, celebrities, and trademarked brands to open their own shops and sell exclusive designs. Through exclusive licensing agreements, BuldumBuldum will be the only online marketplace selling major trademarked brands such as Disney, Marvel, and Warner Bros. Poised for exponential growth, BuldumBuldum has Endeavor’s name written all over it.


Entrepreneur: Aly Rahimtoola
Company: Harmony Cosmetics
Harmony Cosmetics is an all-natural, carcinogen-free UAE-grown beauty company that aims to fill a market gap with its brand Essentials. The brand uses ancient Ayurvedic recipes and Himalayan ingredients to offer its clients high quality, yet affordable, all-natural beauty products. Essentials is currently ranked 8th out of 63 brands sold in Boots UAE (the top 7 owned by global conglomerates). As the only PETA approved beauty product in MENA, Essentials is differentiating itself from conglomerate brands as a boutique brand that is in tune with consumer concerns.

Entrepreneur: Riath Hamed
Company: Balqees Honey
Yemeni honey is one of the purest, most exclusive natural elixirs in the world: extracted from natural desert oases, it is made by bees that feed off medicinal plants and flowers, and have never been exposed to pesticides or preservatives. The result is a full-bodied, thick honey with a rich flavor palate and unique nutritional and medicinal properties. Honey of this caliber is nearly impossible to buy at your typical supermarket. Balqees increases accessibility to the world’s most exclusive honey by supplying, packaging, and distributing it across the Gulf. Through its 13 retail kiosks, Balqees is bringing a buzz-worthy product to the Gulf States, which imported US$1.6 billion in honey in 2014 alone. It plans to diversify its product offering and expand its network of kiosks in high-end malls to penetrate the luxury hospitality sector in the Gulf.


Endeavor CEO Linda Rottenberg addressing ISP participants

Endeavor UAE Networking Event Brings Together 100+ Network Members and Business Leaders

UAE-colorEndeavor UAE hosted a networking event this month in Dubai that convened network members, mentors and entrepreneurs from around the world for a night of connections, knowledge-sharing and discussion. Over a hundred people – including regional business leaders and potential mentors – participated.

Entrepreneurs from four countries as well as the UAE were in attendance, demonstrating the global impact of the event. This included Egypt’s Ahmed Ragab (Baraka Optics); Greece’s George Frangakis (Think Digital Group); Jordan’s Charif Mzayek (Alissar), Jalil Allabadi (Altibbi.com) and Mohammad Asfour (Kharabeesh); Spain’s Francesc Domingo (World Sensing); UAE’s Derv Rao and Ravi Bhusari (DuPlays), Sassan Dieter Khatib-Shahidi (GIT), Idriss Rifai (Fetchr), Mona Ataya (Mumzworld.com), Shahriar Khodjasteh (DDE) and Wadih Haddad (The Box). From Endeavor UAE’s local network, 12 mentors also attended. The night was sponsored by MAF Trust, whose CEO is Endeavor UAE Board Member Souheil Hajjar.


The crowd during the event


Endeavor UAE Managing Director Noor Shawwa


Mentors networking with guests

Endeavor Investor Network Convenes Over 120 Entrepreneurs and Investors in NYC

Investor network LogoOn May 5th, the Endeavor Investor Network convened growth market leaders in New York City for a day of networking and learning. The invitation-only event gathered over 120 participants including Endeavor Entrepreneurs and leading investors from 22 markets.

The theme of this gathering was “Growth Market Unicorns, Narwhals and other rare Entrepreneurial Creatures: A guide to building million (and billion) dollar companies in markets you might not expect.” The aim of the event was to demonstrate that amazing companies can come from anywhere by showcasing entrepreneurial success stories from emerging markets.

The day started off with an entrepreneur-only session led by seasoned venture investor Scott Booth (Eastern Advisors), who discussed the “10 Things all Entrepreneurs Should Know About the Fundraising Process.”


Endeavor Entrepreneur Martin Migoya leading a session

This was followed by a series of TED-style talks by all-star founders Mark Chang (Jobstreet, Founder & CEO), Martin Migoya (Globant, Co-founder), and Arda Kutsal (Webrazzi, Founder & CEO). All three speakers shared their inspiring stories of building million (and billion) dollar companies in Southeast Asia, Latin America and Turkey, respectively.

“This is our largest Endeavor Investor Network gathering ever,” noted Beth Robertson, the manager of the Investor Network program based in Endeavor’s San Francisco office. “The demand from top-tier venture capital and growth equity firms shows a real interest in these markets from some of the world’s best investors.”

Following lunch at the Bryant Park Grill, over 500 formal speed-networking connections were made during two hours of one-on-one conversations between Endeavor companies and investors. Participating investors included General Atlantic, GE Ventures, Riverwood Capital, The Abraaj Group, Warburg Pincus, Stripes Group, IFC and Bessemer Venture Partners, among others.

During the closing cocktail, attendees heard from three entrepreneurs who are poised to become industry leaders and role models, including Sina Afra (Markafoni, Co-founder), Niki Luhur (Kartuku, Founder & CEO), and Paulo Antunes Veras (99 Taxis, Founder & CEO).

The event was a great success and left participants feeling inspired and optimistic about the tremendous opportunity present in emerging markets.

View the event booklet here for a full agenda and list of participants. To learn more about upcoming Investor Network events, click here.


Investor Network participants

2015 Endeavor Entrepreneur Retreat Brings Together Nearly 300 Members of the Network


The invitation-only 2015 Endeavor Entrepreneur Retreat took place from Wednesday, May 6th – Friday, May 8th in Westchester County, New York. The Retreat offered an emphasis on peer-to-peer learning as well as a mixture of keynote speakers, site visits to Fortune 500 companies, industry breakouts, and intensive workshops focused on business development topics geared towards Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Nearly 300 members of the network convened for the event to celebrate the power of high-impact entrepreneurship.

Pre-Retreat Visits

On May 5th and 6th, a series of pre-Retreat visits allowed select groups of entrepreneurs to visit and learn from executives at major corporations, including IBM’s World of Watson, Barclays, Google, PepsiCo and EY. The topics of focus ranged from talent management to product design to transaction readiness, giving participating entrepreneurs an in-depth look at strategies for corporate innovation and growth.


The mainstage during Daniel Lubetzky’s fireside chat


The Retreat featured a number of world-renowned executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who took the main stage in keynotes, panel discussions and fireside chats.

On day one, American Express CEO Kenneth I. Chenault was interviewed by Endeavor co-founder Linda Rottenberg about leadership and the future of the payments industry, discussing how his career path took him from the consulting world to the top of the Fortune 500. In the chat, Chenault addressed how he proved himself to be a “skunk”, or intrapreneur, at American Express by turning the century-old institution into a modern, democratic and digitally-competitive brand. Best-selling author and entrepreneur Seth Godin then took the stage to address rule-breaking in the marketing world and explore strategies for approaching advertising that could authentically engage consumers. Drawing from theories put forth in his 18 best-selling books, Godin prodded entrepreneurs in the audience to think outside of the box when approaching client and consumer engagement.

Day two brought Unilever VP of Global Media Innovation & Ventures Babs Rangaiah to discuss how he manages marketing and media activities for the company’s portfolio of CPG products sold across 190 countries. Addressing the concept of a #BrighterFuture for marketing, he discussed case studies of Unilever campaigns and how his team works to disrupt the advertising space. In a subsequent fireside chat, General Assembly co-founder Brad Hargreaves sat down with Open English’s John McIntire to discuss the future of the workforce, particularly in emerging markets where access to skills training and education are limited. The pair explored the possibilities for alternative education platforms to empower people all around the world with actionable skill sets.


Vinny, Martin and Leila during their entrepreneur panel

An afternoon panel brought together top Endeavor Entrepreneurs to share their high-impact stories and discuss the importance of multiplying their impact. South Africa’s Vinny Lingham (Gyft), Argentina’s Martin Migoya (Globant) and Brazil’s Leila Velez (Beleza Natural) were interviewed by Endeavor President Fernando Fabre about their experience as entrepreneurs, the impact of joining the Endeavor network, and what it means for them to give back to their communities. The next panel brought representatives from key corporate partners including AXA, SAP, Facebook and P&G in a discussion about global corporate development and growth, which was moderated by Endeavor Entrepreneur Mariano Suárez Battán (Mural.ly).

The final day started off with a fireside with Gilt Groupe’s Kevin Ryan and Endeavor Global Board Member Nick Beim. The chat revolved around investments and how the pair discerns the potential in entrepreneurs that they place their bets on. They also addressed failure and what happens when investments go south. Following them was New York Times reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner Charles Duhigg, who drew on themes from his best-selling book The Power of Habit to explain how business leaders can shake up their routines and instill innovation in both work and life. He also delved into case studies of big brands and how they target and leverage consumer habits. The final keynote of the day brought Endeavor Global Board Chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr. and KIND Snacks founder Daniel Lubetzky to the stage to talk candidly about why social impact and community give-back is important. Lubetzky provided anecdotes from his personal family history and heritage to explain why he was inspired to build a socially-conscious brand to inspire future generations.

Breakout Sessions, Workshops and Roundtables

By attending smaller workshops and “hot topics” sessions, attendees benefited from personalized coaching and advice – in a sense, small “team meetings” – with some of the best entrepreneurial minds in the Endeavor network.

The Retreat kicked off with a number of industry breakouts that served as “ice breaker” networking sessions, which divided participating entrepreneurs by their company’s industries in a meet-and-greet format. The entrepreneur-led roundtables on the second day were helmed by a number of Endeavor Entrepreneurs from around the world, who moderated group discussions touching on topics that included social media, talent management, employee culture, leadership and more. The final day’s workshops were lead by Endeavor mentors who provided a high-level perspectives and furthered conversations about talent, branding, innovation and much more.


Endeavor Entrepreneur Sally Buberman leading a roundtable

Endeavor Awards

The Retreat closed with an awards ceremony – with awards sponsored by EY, Barclays and Omidyar Network – that honored the most high-impact entrepreneurs and companies in the network. Read more about the Awards by clicking here.

Social Media Highlights

The offline conversations also went online with the hashtags #EndeavorRetreat and #EE2EE, as entrepreneurs shared their thoughts and connections via social media. Over 700 tweets engaging users from nearly 10 countries used the hashtags over the three-day event. Take a look at some of the highlights below.

2015 Endeavor Entrepreneur Awards


During the 2015 Endeavor Entrepreneur Retreat, a closing ceremony honored entrepreneurs in the network that have made a substantial impact on Endeavor and in their own communities. The following are a list of awards and honorees.

– The Ecosystem Impact Award was given to Turkey’s Nevzat Aydın and Melih Ödemiş (Yemeksepeti) for having the greatest impact on their local entrepreneurship ecosystem by building a scalable and sustainable enterprise. Their food delivery platform was acquired for a record $589 million this year.

– The Reinvestment Award was given to Lebanon’s Herve Cuviliez (Diwanee/Leap Ventures) for making the largest reinvestment in the local community through his media company and MENA-focused venture fund.

– The Barclays Direct Social Impact Award went to Jordan’s Amin Amin (ASK for Human Capacity Building) for having a direct influence in improving the lives of people in the MENA region through his education platform.

– The EY Scaleup Award was given to Brazil’s Mario Chady and Eduardo Ourivio (Grupo Trigo) for employing the most people and earning the most revenue in 2014 through their chain of fast food restaurants.

– The Omidyar Network-Endeavor High-Impact Company of 2015  Award was given to Argentina’s Martin Migoya, Guibert Englebienne, Néstor Nocetti and Martin Umaran (Globant) for having the greatest impact across job growth, revenue growth, ecosystem growth and entrepreneur give-back. Their technology company went public on the NYSE in 2014.


Globant accepting their Award with Endeavor Argentina network members

Endeavor Announces Partnership with AXA to Provide Support and Mentorship for Entrepreneurs

axa-group_416x416AXA and Endeavor are announcing a strategic partnership to support Endeavor’s network of over a thousand entrepreneurs in growth markets around the world. This partnership will help Endeavor as it continues to select and mentor high-impact entrepreneurs and foster long-term, sustainable growth in emerging and growing economies worldwide.

This strategic partnership covers a broad field of activities:
– AXA will directly sponsor selected networking events hosted by Endeavor,
– AXA will be introduced to scale-up businesses by Endeavor,
– Through the AXA Hearts in Action program, the Group’s executives will volunteer to mentor entrepreneurs from emerging economies.

“I am very pleased to have Endeavor as an exclusive partner to AXA especially since I think our respective missions are highly complementary. AXA exists to protect people against risks and has a responsibility to help build a safer and stronger global society. Endeavor’s mission is to lead high-impact entrepreneurship in emerging and growth economies which protects people from unemployment and directly helps build economies. This partnership will enable both organizations to help each other to achieve these objectives,” said Frédéric Tardy, Chief Marketing and Distribution Officer of the AXA Group.

“I feel this is the start of something special. AXA’s multi-year commitment across different departments to Endeavor will help us achieve our goals together more efficiently. I am very much looking forward to welcoming AXA to the Endeavor network and to bringing the benefits of this partnership with a large global financial services company like AXA to our network members,” added Fernando Fabre, President of Endeavor.

Endeavor has a long history of successfully bringing scale-up entrepreneurs from emerging and growth economies together with interested investors. Through its wide global network, Endeavor companies have raised over $532m of equity capital and have contributed to the creation of over 400,000 high-quality jobs in emerging economies.


AXA CMO Frédéric Tardy and Endeavor President Fernando Fabre

eMerge Americas Event in Miami Spotlights Stories of Endeavor Entrepreneurs

emerge-550x400During the first week of May, eMerge Americas brought a number of global thought leaders to Miami, FL to discuss how technology and innovation are disrupting industries. The conference serves as a platform to connect entrepreneurs, cutting-edge ideas, and industry leaders and investors across North America, Europe, and Latin America. This year’s event featured a number of entrepreneurs in the network as well as a panel hosted by Endeavor Miami

The five day event consisted of a number of networking and tech-focused competitions, workshops and keynotes, including a hackathon, startup showcase, women-focused summit, and more.

Highlights from the Endeavor network during the week include:

– Endeavor Miami Managing Director Laura Maydon joining a panel about game changing women and exploring the ways in which female entrepreneurs and leaders are transforming the landscape of technology.

– Endeavor Entrepreneur Michael McCord, founder of education platform LearnerNation, discussing strategies for motivating the millennial workforce with a particular focus on on-boarding and training young employees.

– An Endeavor panel featuring Endeavor Entrepreneurs Anabel Perez (Miami’s Novopayment), Sebastián Valin Acuña (Chile’s ComparaOnline) and Emiliano Kargieman (Argentina’s Satellogic) moderated by Endeavor Miami Board Co-Chair Adriana Cisneros, which highlighted high-impact entrepreneurship and the power of the Endeavor network.

– An interview with Endeavor Entrepreneur and Globant CEO Martin Migoya, who addressed taking his company public, strategies for scaling up, and the impact of Endeavor globally.


Entrepreneurs during the Endeavor panel at eMerge

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