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Best in the Business: The 2013 Omidyar Network- Endeavor Awards Dinner

The Omidyar Network – Endeavor Awards Dinner celebrated the remarkable achievements of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Hosted by Endeavor Global board members Nick Beim and Wences Casares, the event awarded Endeavor Entrepreneurs for their accomplishments in various categories. Let’s take a look at the winners.


Featured Young Entrepreneurs of 2013 Award (Presented by Dell):

The recipients of this award, all under 30 years old, manage companies that help solve the everyday needs of the consumer, from running corporate daycare services to serving up all-natural smoothies.


Social Impact Award (Presented by eBay Inc.):

This award is for the entrepreneur with the greatest traditional social influence — creating jobs and serving as a role model.

  • Mois Cherem of Enova, a company that has revolutionized education in Mexico through education centers that provide e-learning courses to populations in marginalized neighborhoods.


Endeavor Advocate Award (Presented by Ernst & Young):

The recipients of this award are not only successful entrepreneurs, but have also contributed greatly to Endeavor itself in a variety of ways, including speaking at entrepreneurship events on Endeavor’s behalf, donating financially to the organization, mentoring fellow Endeavor Entrepreneurs, and serving as Endeavor Board Members.  


Greatest Growth in Jobs Awards (Presented by SAP):

  • Most Jobs Created by Year-End 2012:  Runners-up: Globant from Argentina; Kibernum from Chile; Bodytech from Colombia; Vicky Form from Mexico; and Baydoner from Turkey.  Winner: Carlo Gonzaga for Taste Holdings — from South Africa
  • Highest Percentage Growth in Jobs (2010-2012): Runners-up: To-Life from Brazil; Enova from Mexico; Ruma from Indonesia; Daily Secret from Greece; and Onapsis from Argentina. Winner: Sidar Sahin for Peak Gamesfrom Turkey
  • Highest Absolute Growth in Jobs (2010-2012): Runners-up: Travel & Vacation Group from Colombia, Globant from Argentina, Masana from South Africa, Intellego from Mexico, and Hindawi from Egypt. Winner: Bento Koike for Tecsis — from Brazil


Highest Revenue Awards (Presented by Barclays):

  • Highest Overall Revenue Year-End 2012: Runners-up:Mercadolibre.com from Argentina; Intellego from Mexico; Agrotop from Chile; Travel and Vacation Group from Colombia; and Pharmacy One from Jordan.  Winner: Bento Koike for Tecsis – from Brazil
  • Highest Percentage Growth in Revenue (2010-2012): Runners-up: Advenio from Mexico; Tecverde from Brazil; Daily Secret from Greece; Comparaonline.com from Chile; Ruma from Indonesia. Winner: Sidar Sahin for Peak Games — from Turkey
  • Highest Absolute Growth in Revenue (2010-2012): Runners-up: Mercadolibre.com from Argentina; Travel and Vacation Group from Colombia; Intellego from Mexico; Pharmacy One from Jordan; Baydoner from Turkey; and Taste Holdings from South Africa.  Winner: Bento Koike for Tecsis – from Brazil


Omidyar Network-Endeavor High Impact Entrepreneur of 2013 Award:

“This newly established award has been set up to celebrate the best of the best,” said Matt Bannick, Omidyar Network Managing Partner and Endeavor Global Board Member.“It recognizes that entrepreneur who has achieved extraordinary success and done so in the most exemplary fashion. It identifies that one person who over the course of the year has achieved the highest impact and demonstrated the requisite mix of vision, passion, and tenacity.”

The award was given to Bento Koike of Tecsis, a pioneer in the field of sustainable energy and the world’s second-largest producer of wind blades. Tecsis added 4800 new jobs between 2010 and 2012, grew revenue by $550 million between 2010 and 2012, and had $800 million+ in revenue in 2012.


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