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At7Addak Relaunches Site and Traffic Explodes: New Partnership Program Helps MENA Game Creators And Reviewers Monetize Their Content


Endeavor Lebanon entrepreneur Brahms Chouity recently relaunched his gaming oriented website, at7Addak, to enormous positive response in the MENA region.  The site is a leading aggregator of Arab-language video games plus gaming reviews and articles for over 500,000 Arab gamers, with 80% of traffic coming from GCC countries (Jordan and the Gulf States). Since relaunch the site has received upwards of 40,000 daily visitors.

The new at7Addak features high-quality editorial and video content, created by a network of over 500+ collaborating Editors and Video Creators assuring comprehensive coverage of the world of gaming.  Most important, at7addak has developed a unique incentive-based Partnership Program which gives content creators a platform to create articles and videos, promote their material, and fully monetize their content. Depending on the level of traffic they generate, partners are paid every month directly to their bank accounts or credit cards.  This is a major step towards helping gaming innovators in the region make money for the very first time.

With the relaunch, at7addak has also positioned itself as a bridge for advertisers and corporate clients to work directly with gaming developers and content editors in the region, creating opportunities for promotion and product placement among a hard to reach but valuable demographic in the MENA region.   For an introduction to the world of MENA gaming,  click on the video link to see a presentation on the new site or view video below.



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