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5 Endeavor companies to present at 2011 Americas Venture Capital Conference

On November 16-17, cutting-edge ventures from Latin America and South Florida will vie for more than $50,000 in awards and recognition from leading investors, at Florida International University’s 2011 Americas Venture Capital Conference (AVCC). Of the 12 companies invited to make presentations and compete in this year’s conference, “Latin America: Building on Success,” five were started by Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

The AVCC bills itself as the premier forum for creative and innovative Latin American ventures to engage established firms and investors of South Florida. As many South Florida companies are looking to benefit from emerging talent in the oft overlooked region of Latin America, the conference allows the two to create strategic alliances so that both may better compete and thrive in today’s global marketplace.

Endeavor congratulates all nominees for the 2011 Top Global Innovative Ventures, including the following five Endeavor-supported companies:

APPI Tecnologia APPI of Brazil provides software solutions that make it easy to use point of sale (POS) devices (such as cash registers, terminals, or other types of hardware) for a variety of functions. Today almost half of all POS merchant devices in Brazil are equipped with APPI’s platform.

Buscalibre is fast becoming a best-seller in the Spanish-speaking world. The Chilean e-commerce website for books manages a comprehensive collection of titles by unifying Latin America’s segmented book markets through a network of local publishers.

Business News Americas of Chile is a subscription-based service that provides elite industry-specific information in English and Spanish to Latin America’s business leaders and decision-makers via a daily, real-time Internet news service.

Cinemagic builds and manages high-tech, modern movie complexes in small size Mexican cities taking advantage of the gap in the Mexican movie market where the national cinema industry is valued at US$575 million, and yet more than 200 small cities do not have a movie theater.

Conexia has become the industry benchmark in Argentina, providing the great benefit of real-time adjudication, which enables healthcare practitioners and insurance companies to share information and validate medical procedures with the simple swipe of a patient’s health card.

More information on this year’s conference can be found here.


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